Embeddings List

A list of embeddings found/ created by myself. Hypernetworks & Aesthetic Embeddings can also be found here.

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This page features embeddings that I have either created myself or found online and believe they and well created. All embeddings available here are in the image format version so you can simply right-click and save the image to download any embedding.

Textual Inversion Embeddings

CDcruz - Anime Plus V2down_caret

cd_anime embedding

Activator prompt: cd_anime

This embedding was trained using a library of over 8,000 anime-style images from Pinterest, including flipped versions for a total of 17,000 images. The training process involved 7,500 steps with a training rate of 0.00001 and was done with Hentai Diffusion - 22. This embedding is best used with that model and is not intended to create drastic changes in the generated images. Instead, its purpose is to introduce subtle differences that can create more variety and produce more traditional flat style anime images. I've found that this embedding is often subtle enough to preserve the original composition of the generated image without the prompt. This means that you can generate an image without the embedding, and then add the embedding to see the anime-style version without significantly altering the original image.

I have hand-picked all of these images from Pintrest and used a smart-cropping software to generally include the characters face. I have tried to collect a large variety of images with different poses, angles, clothing and backgrounds. As they are all hand-picked images, they are also of higher quality and do not include unwanted images like loli or similar characters. As Pintrest filters out NSFW images, I was not able to train on any NSFW images, which does mean this embedding will not improve those images greatly.

I plan on improve this embedding more with a larger dataset in the future or even create my own model depending on how things go. I do prefer creating embeddings/ hypernetworks due to the flexibility you can have with extending any other model.

cd_anime embedding comparison

Anime Plus V1

cd-anime-plus embedding

Activator prompt: cd-anime-plus

Version 1 was trained by myself with roughly 1.5k images of anime women characters taken from Pintrest. It was trained for 10,000 steps with the Waifu Diffusion 1.3 model as a base.

cd-anime-plus embedding comparison

CDcruz - E-Girls down_caret

cd-egirl embedding

This embedding was trained by myself on roughly 1700 images of woman with an e-girl or instagram model aesthetic. All images were taken from Pintrest. As "E-girl" style could vary depending on indiviual opinion, this may not be exactly what you have in mind.

The embedding was trained with SD 2.1 512x512 and trained for 10,000 steps. It does produce fairly good quality images, although it seems to be very limited in variety and trying to add more prompts rarely changes much.

It also seems to attempt to add a nose ring to most face, but does not have enough data to create a nose ring correctly, resulting in malformed noses.

Victorian Lacedown_caret

victorian-lace embedding

Activator prompt: victorian-lace

An embedding by Reddit user u/depfakacc that adds victoria lace dresses to your images. There is little information available on how this embedding was trained, but it was released around novembed 2022 and works best with Stable Diffusion 1.4.

Bimbo Facedown_caret

bimbo-face embedding

Activator prompt: bimbo-face

An embedding created by Reddit user u/depfakacc that changes the generation of women to a more exaggerated and "bimbo" style, featuring large breasts, wide hips, large lips, and a lot of makeup. There is little information available on how this embedding was trained, but it was released around November 2022 and works best with Stable Diffusion 1.4.